Buying Steroids Online
The Complete Guide to Buying Steroids Online

The Complete Guide to Buying Steroids Online

Before we delve into the heart of this topic and share with you, our valued readers, our many years of knowledge in the online steroid market, we must make it clear that in many countries, like here in the United States, buying steroids is illegal; therefore, always we advise you to check local laws before making any online purchase of anabolic steroids.

Now we’ve got that friendly warning out of the way; we can proceed to discuss everything you need to know about procuring anabolics on the internet. All of the information presented below is based on our many years of experience related to the online steroid market. It is designed to a) help you obtain legitimate products and b) reduced the chances of you getting scammed.

Purchasing Steroids Online: An Introduction


Over the last five or so years, the online steroid market has increased massively – both in terms of the number of online vendors and the amount of anabolics currently available. This explosion of websites and products, coupled with advancements in online payments, steroid knowledge and information becoming more easily and readily available, and the ever-increasing numbers of people on the quest to attain the perfect physique (which we can thank social media for!), has resulted in an online market that is serving millions of people across the globe.

However, regardless of the advancements and expansion of the online steroid market, given that steroids are classed as ‘grey’ or ‘black’ market goods (depending on the country) the question nearly everyone is still asking is: Is buying steroids online safe?

The (short) answer: Buying steroids online can never be classed as being 100% safe; however, there are numerous things you can do to decrease the risk of receiving bunk or underused products or getting scammed completely – and in the next section, we’ll be discussing a variety of factors that can help you to avoid the common pitfalls of purchasing anabolic steroids online.

Eliminating The Risk From Purchasing Anabolics Online

If you are considering purchasing steroids off the internet in 2020 (or beyond), you’re actually in rather a lucky position. Why? Because the power and might of the internet ‘has your back’. By this we mean that there are many, many good people and websites out there designed to help make your life easier – this being one of them! Of course, the aforementioned people and sites won’t make it 100% risk-free, but it will vastly decrease the chances of anything untoward happening. Anyway, let’s take a look at ways you can buy steroids safely and cut the risk of being scammed.

Top Tips When Buying From An Internet-Based Steroid Vendor

Here are our best pieces of advice (in no particular order):

1) Use Domestic Sources Only

If you’ve performed any form of Google search related to the purchase of steroids and scrolled through a few pages of results, you’ll have no doubt come across sites that aren’t based in your country. One thing you’ll have probably noticed is that their prices are lower than domestic sources based in the United States. Of course, as with any product, paying less money is always an attractive proposition. Why pay more when you can get (what seems like) the same product for less? It seems like a no-brainer.

Well, it isn’t. So if you’ve currently got a few anabolics in your basket on a site that isn’t based in your country, remove them and find a local source. Why? For two reasons:

1) Shipping costs will typically add on what you’ve saved from cheaper product prices. Shipping charges from non-domestic sources will always be higher than those in your own country; therefore, the price difference will almost always be wiped out. However, even if it isn’t and they either offer super cheap products or shipping (or both), the next point will stop you in your tracks.

2) One word: Customs. Getting items into a country, i.e. through customs, is far, far, FAR more difficult and risky compared to getting them through national postal and courier services. Why? Because they’re a thousand times more strict; therefore, the percentage chance of your anabolics being discovered is a way, way higher. And, if your steroids do get discovered the absolute best outcome (for you) is them being destroyed and your name and address being added to a blacklist, which means if any more parcels come from abroad to your address, they’ll be opened immediately. The worst-case scenario? You’ll have DEA agents knocking on your door with a warrant.

Is any of that worth it just to save a few dollars? Definitely not. Domestic sources use domestic postal and courier companies – both of which have far less stringent policies compared to customs and parcels coming into the country.

Takeaway point: Domestic sources only. Don’t be tempted by any sites outside of your own country.

2) Research, Research, Research

Why have I written the word ‘research’ three times? Because I cannot stress the need for thorough research highly enough. When buying any other type of product online, you’ll always do research first, right? Well, steroids are no different. In fact, you need to do more research than you typically would. Why? Because the online steroid market is fraught with dangers and pitfalls that must be avoided. That may seem a little dramatic (and it is), but ensuring your safety is paramount, both in terms of your health and bank balance.

What research do you need to do? Well, there are two primary types: Research into the website/vendor and research into the brand of steroid. Let’s take a look at each in turn and discuss why they are important and how you carry out a thorough investigation(s).

Vendor research: Although it may seem like we’re stating the obvious, it is imperative that we hammer home this point. Research into potential suppliers/websites is absolutely vital because it will allow you to see what other people think. In today’s world, if a supplier is anything less than dependable, they’ll be found out quickly, which will lead to their trade drying up and them ultimately going out of business. However, this isn’t the case for all sites and with so many new sites cropping up the time, don’t assume that just because a site is in existence means that it must be genuine.

How can you find out whether a site is genuine? We always advise checking out two website – and – two sites which have been designed to provide potential steroid buyers with independent reviews. If you’ve found a seller that seems promising, i.e. it offers the anabolics you’re after at reasonable prices and is domestically based, always use the aforementioned two websites to read reviews on them.

If they have a good reputation, you can move onto the next part of your research. If they don’t, don’t use them. If they’re new, perhaps give it a month or two to see what the reviews say and then proceed to point number two. I know most people won’t want to wait, but sometimes patience is the key to getting good quality products at a fair price.

Brand research: Once you’ve found a reliable supplier, you need to ensure the specific brand(s) of steroid you’re going to use are up to scratch also. While there are still many authentic pharmaceutical grade anabolics on the market, they are few and far between and are far more readily faked than steroids created by underground labs (commonly referred to as UGLs); therefore, we always advise staying away from anything that is said to be pharma grade or from one of the big pharma companies (Organon, Schering etc.).

How can you find out whether or not a specific UGL is legitimate? Well, it’s impossible to ascertain whether or not a product will be 100% legit, i.e. it contains what it says on the label, without testing it, but given that inferior products will lead to poor reviews, the vast majority of UGLs today put out quality product lines with correctly dosed vials and tablets. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do research. The two aforementioned steroid review sites also have sections for steroid brands/UGLs, so be sure to check these out before making a purchase. Additionally, you can search for specific UGLs on Google and see what forum users have to say about their experience with them.

3) Payment Methods

This is where the most confusion typically happens and is usually the point where people get unsure or have second thoughts about buying steroids online. Why? Because in the vast majority of cases, it isn’t like a typical purchase; you can’t just pop your credit card details in and make payment. Why? Because no merchant bank or credit card processor is going to allow a site selling steroids to take payments by credit card, obviously! This means that vendors are left with two options: set up a fake business that allows them to use credit card processing facilities or use alternate payment options.

While most opt for the latter, some do choose the former option – but should these forms of payment be trusted? Ultimately, it comes down to the individual and how legitimate/trustworthy are. However, some payment options are better than others, and by ‘better’ we mean they offer greater protection for you, the customer, should anything untoward happen. Let’s take a look at the various payment methods and discuss the pros and cons of each.

Credit card payment: Using a credit card to buy steroids is the safest form of payment. Although you’ll see a warning on many sites stating that they don’t accept cards because it’s not anonymous, in reality, it’s because they know consumers have the option of a chargeback should anything go wrong. And that is where the primary advantage of paying with a credit card lies; you can always ask your credit card company to perform a chargeback if your products don’t arrive. You don’t have to tell them precisely what you’ve ordered, so they’ll never know you’ve actually ordered steroids. However, the downside is that only a handful of sites will accept payment via credit card; therefore, in most cases, you’ll have to rely on one of the payment methods listed below.

International Money Transfer (Western Union, Moneygram etc…): Money transfer systems, such as Western Union and MoneyGram are probably the most popular payment method used for steroids because they’re fairly easy to use and money can be transferred anywhere in the world. However, they do have certain downsides for you, the customer. Firstly, once you’ve sent your money, there’s no way of getting it back unless the receiver sends it back to you. We’d certainly never advise using this form of payment unless absolutely necessary, i.e. if you’ve used a specific vendor before and know them to be trustworthy.

Bank/wire transfer: Although this is similar to a money transfer, it is different in that it is done from bank to bank; therefore, it affords you a little protection than any form of money transfer. Not as safe as a credit or debit card payment, but certainly safer than the likes of Western Union and MoneyGram.

Cryptocurrency: A relatively new phenomenon; therefore, only used by a small percentage of steroid websites. However, it is the most anonymous of all the payment methods, so if you’re looking to stay as anonymous as possible, bitcoin and the like are the best options. Be warned though, paying via cryptocurrency offers absolutely no protection whatsoever.

Paypal: Paying by PayPal does offer a substantial amount of protection, mainly if the seller hasn’t used a tracked shipping service. Still, if Paypal suspects the transaction is for steroids, PEDs or anything else of that nature, they’ll be more likely than not close both accounts down – something you’d obviously not want if you valued your Paypal account!

Buying Steroids Online: Frequently Asked Questions

Although we’ve covered the vast majority of the ‘need-to-know’ information above, here a couple of questions we’re asked a lot:

Which brands of steroids are recognised as the best?

That’s actually a tough question to answer. Why? Because unless testing is done, it’s all anecdotal evidence. However, some labs have been around for many years and have been tested by individuals on numerous occasions, and are therefore considered the ‘best’, i.e. most consistent and trustworthy labs. These are: Geneza Pharmaceuticals, British Dragon, LA Pharma, Biotech, Dragon Pharma, Balkan Pharma, Pharmacy, Genesis, British Dispensary and Hubei.

Where can I find steroid websites that accept credit cards?

At this time, there isn’t a definitive list of steroid sites that take credit and debit card (typically Visa and Mastercard) as a form of payment. To find them, you can do a simple google search for terms such as ‘buy steroids with credit card’, as this will bring up all sites that do. Alternatively, you can to sift through highly-rated stores (found on eRoids or MuscleGurus) and see which forms of payment they accommodate.

How to Buy Anabolic Steroids Online: A Conclusion

Although none of the above is an exact science and can never 100% guarantee you’ll get a 100% accurately dosed product that will arrive quickly; the above points should stand you in good stead and lead you towards reliable vendors and high-quality products.

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