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Dianabol Only Cycle Review

Dianabol Only Cycle Review

Given that you’re reading this article, I will assume that you are interested in running a Dianabol only cycle – like many, many others who search on Google every day for information related to this topic. If so, you’ve definitely come to the right place.

While you’ll see lots of general information about Dianabol – or, to give it its chemical name methandienone/methandrostenolone – there isn’t a tremendous amount regarding use of Dianabol as standalone. Why? Because the vast majority of people who take or have knowledge about anabolic steroids vehemently oppose oral only cycles, often citing the (purported) lack of keepable gains as the primary reason for their opposition. However, this isn’t actually true; therefore, running oral only cycles are a completely legitimate if uncommon, way to run an anabolic steroid cycle.

In today’s piece, we’ll discuss Dianabol only cycle in relative depth, and I’ll provide you with a detailed explanation of my Dianabol only cycles, my results, before and after, and ultimately a review. If you’re considering running Dianabol alone, read this article – it’ll provide you with more relevant knowledge than anything else out there, I promise you!

An In-depth Look at Dbol Only Cycles


Oral only cycles have been used with success for decades by millions and millions of steroid users across the globe; therefore, it stands to reason that they’ll stay fashionable and keep on providing gains for as long as steroids are readily available. And, given that Dianabol is by far and away the most popular oral bulking steroid, it goes without saying that more and more people are contemplating running it solo. But is it wise? Do all the oral-only naysayers have a valid point, or is it just an old wive’s tale that oral only cycles are worthless?

Well, I can only speak for myself and a few of my close friends, but from our experiences, running methandienone alone is more than worthwhile.

Straight away I can (anecdotally) debunk the whole ‘Dianabol gains are 100% water’ and ‘six weeks isn’t enough time to build muscle’ claims. I know for a fact that I have built a more than modest amount of lean muscle mass using Dianabol alone. Sure, use of Dianabol will always be accompanied by water retention thanks to its aromatisation into methyl-estradiol (unless you used high doses of an aromatase inhibitor). However, the potential to accrue lean muscle mass is still there and is more than possible. I’ll discuss my results a little later on in this piece.

Strength gains are where Dianabol really shines – and no-one can dispute the effect it will have on your strength, no matter how dead against oral only cycles they are. Any steroid in sufficient doses will enhance performance and boost strength, and Dianabol does both to a large extent. Again, I’ll discuss my specific results later on. Still, it is essential you know what taking methandienone alone will have a profound impact on strength levels, which, when coupled with a diet high in protein and calories, will have a positive effect on muscle mass gains.

My Results

My very first cycle was Dianabol only; therefore, given that my receptors were fresh, and people tend to gain best on their first cycle, these results may not be typical. However, as you’ll see from second cycle results, exceptional gains can still be made.

Prior to commencing my first Dianabol only cycle, I weighed 178lbs at around 14% body fat. I’d trained for several years and gained around 30lbs naturally in that time frame. I ran Dianabol for five weeks in total; the first two weeks, my dosage was 20mg per day (to assess my tolerance to the compound) and 35mg per day for the final three weeks.

In total, I gained 23lbs in overall mass and added 35lbs to my squat, 22.5lbs to my bench press, 25lbs to my deadlift and 20lbs to my military press. After completing PCT, I kept 12lbs of the weight gained during my cycle, along with around 60% of the strength increases. My body fat didn’t alter at all; therefore, I’d estimate that I gained around 8-9lbs of muscle during my five-week cycle, along with 3-4lbs of muscle glycogen. Some would say that muscle gains of 1-2lbs per week isn’t possible, but if you create an extremely anabolic environment in your body using a combination of a heavy resistance based weight program, a diet high in protein and calories, sufficient rest and recuperation, alongside a highly anabolic compound like Dianabol you’ll gain muscle very quickly.

I wish I had some before and after transformation photos as then you’d be able to see the huge difference!

As for my second Dianabol only cycle (several years later), which was comprised of five weeks at 45mg per day, my gains were more modest at 15lbs overall mass gains and circa 10% increase on all lifts. After completing PCT, I kept 7lbs, of which I estimate 4lbs of which was lean muscle mass. 4lbs may not seem like a lot in five weeks, but go and grab a hunk of meat that weighs four pounds, and you’ll be surprised who big it is!

Side Effects

I’ve always been quite lucky with side effects where steroids are concerned. Dianabol never gave me any real issues aside from a small increase in blood pressure, water retention and a little hair shedding, I didn’t notice anything too extreme. I didn’t see any hair loss or acne.

Of course, everyone is different, and if you are planning on taking Dianabol, I would always recommend having blood tests taken before, during and after a cycle and keeping a close eye on all health markers, especially liver enzymes, cholesterol, blood pressure and triglycerides.

Dianabol Only Cycle Review

As you can probably guess, my overall review of Dianabol is going to be a positive one. Having used it twice by itself and numerous times in conjunction with other steroids, it’s safe to say that I tolerate it well (in terms of side effects) and always gain muscle, overall mass and strength when using it.

Of course, I cannot guarantee that you’ll have the same experience as me and others that I know who have had similar results. Still, given the sheer number of people who have had positive experiences with methandrostenolone, there’s a good chance that you’ll gain well when taking it by itself.

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