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Anavar Only Cycle Review

Anavar Only Cycle Review

If you’ve found your way to this article, I’m going to assume that, like thousands (maybe millions?) of others across the globe, you’re contemplating running an Oxandrolone only steroid cycle. If that is the case, then you’ve chosen the right website (welcome to our site by the way – thanks for visiting!).

A Google search for anything Anavar related will bring up a wealth of general information about this popular oral cutting compound; however, there isn’t a mass of detailed information regarding Anavar only cycles. Sure, there are discussions on bodybuilding and steroid-related forums, but if you browse the discussions had on such places you’ll realise that 90% of people are dead against oral only cycles; therefore no valuable information can be gleaned from such sites, which leaves those seriously considering an Anavar only cycle stuck between a rock and a hard place…and that’s where we come in.

In today’s article, we’ll delve into the topic of Anavar only cycles in far greater depth than you’ll find elsewhere. I’ll discuss with you my experience of Anavar only cycles, including muscle and strength gains, side effects and my results, culminating in an overall review of the most popular or cutting anabolic steroids. This piece will tell you everything you need to know about using oxandrolone. Period.

An In-depth Look at Anavar Only Cycles


Despite the vast majority of those with any knowledge of steroids advising against oral only cycles, using anabolics such as Anavar alone has been popular for decades – and will continue to grow in popularity as more and more people turn to performance-enhancing drugs such as steroids to achieve their dream physique. The big questions is, is using Anavar as standalone compound worthwhile or do those who advise against oral-only cycles have a point?

Ok, so, I can only provide you with my own experience and the experiences of others I know who have used anagrams by itself, i.e. anecdotal evidence; however, the conclusion I reached after my very first Anavar only cycle (and every one thereafter), is that oxandrolone itself can produce solid results. But, and that’s quite a big ‘but’, you must have realistic expectations when taking oxandrolone as a standalone anabolic. Anavar isn’t like bulking steroids such as Dianabol or Anadrol; therefore, you’ll never see significant changes in muscular size and overall mass when taking it by itself for six to eight weeks.

However, what you will see is more definition which is caused by a very modest increase in lean muscle mass and a decrease in body fat, i.e. your physique will appear tighter, leaner and more cut. It is possible to bulk using a high calorie/protein diet on Anavar alone, but you’ll certainly not blow up. Furthermore, you’ll see strength gains that are exceptionally impressive for what most deem to be a ‘mild’ compound. Some people actually rate oxandrolone as the compound that gave them the most significant strength boost, so it sure has some oomph in that department.

Most people will use oxandrolone for cutting or recomping, which are the best application for it (where physique is concerned). Having used Anavar by itself on two occasions for this very purpose, I can attest to its potency at improving appearance and making you look more aesthetic, i.e. ‘beach ready’. Both times I consumed the exact calories I required, i.e. basal metabolic rate plus extra calories for workout days to replace the calories I burned. Although this may seem strange, as you typically need to be in a calorie surplus to build muscle and a calorie deficit to burn fat, Anavar enabled me to build a small amount of muscle and drop some body fat on maintenance calories.

My Results

My very first cutting cycle (about 11 months after my very first steroid cycle) was Anavar only – a cycle I have fond memories of as it was the first time I looked in half decent condition (I’d always been a bit bloated and carried a little too much excess around my midriff and love handles). MY second oxandrolone cycle was several years later, and the effect was almost identical.

Before I started my cycle, I weighed 202lbs at around 16% body fat. I’d done two previously bulking cycles, and although I’d added muscle mass, I’d also added fat mass, particularly on a 12-week testosterone and Dianabol cycle I’d finished three months prior to starting this one; therefore, my goal was to drop body fat and at the very least maintain what muscle I had. I ran the Anavar for eight weeks at a dose of 40mg per day for the first two weeks (to ascertain my tolerance); 60mg for the next four weeks, and 80mg for the final two weeks.

At the end of the eight-week cycle, I weighed 194lbs and had lost a visible amount of body fat. After completing PCT, I remained at 194lbs at the same amount of body fat (circa 13%), and had a physique I was actually rather proud of! As expected, my strength increased by a modest amount (around 10% on each of the major compound lifts). Although I didn’t have a DEXA scan to confirm that I’d gained muscle (as well as losing fat), it was evident that this was the case; and, from my further experiences with Anavar – in addition to the anecdotal evidence of others around me – I had exactly the same experience. It’s a shame I don’t have any before and after transformation photos as you’d see the difference!

My second Anavar only cycle produced almost identical results; however, as I was leaner at the time, the very modest increase in muscle mass and reasonable drop in body fat magnified the effect oxandrolone had in the mirror. I do not hesitate to say it was the best I’ve ever looked. Period.

Side Effects

Oxandrolone is often referred to as a mild steroid; therefore, people often (wrongly) assume that it is mild where side effects are concerned. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Although there are other steroids that have a greater potential to cause negative side effects, Anavar is still capable of negatively impacting the body in a variety of ways.

From blood tests I had before, during and after my first Anavar only cycle, it was apparent that it did have an unwanted effect on cholesterol, i.e. it increased LDL (‘bad’ cholesterol) and decreased HDL (‘good’ cholesterol), in addition to increasing triglycerides to a modest degree. These values went back to normal three weeks after cycle, so although they certainly weren’t permanent, they did occur. I experienced no hair loss, blood pressure increases or acne.

Anavar Only Cycle Review

It’s not hard to guess what I’m going to write in this section, given that I’ve had only positive experiences with Anavar only steroid cycles. However, I am well aware of the cholesterol-related effects it had; therefore, I would always advise caution when taking any oral steroid as they’re all capable of causing a wide range of side effects.

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