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Anadrol Only Cycle Review

Anadrol Only Cycle Review

Often referred to as the ‘king of oral bulking steroids’, Oxymetholone aka Anadrol, divides opinion like few other anabolic steroids do. Some love it; some hate it, and very few sit somewhere in between. The question is, is an Anadrol cycle worth it? Can you build keepable mass, lean muscle and strength by taking oxymetholone or is it a complete waste of time?

Well, as you’re reading this blog post, I’m going to make an educated guess and assume that you’ve (at the very least) thought about taking Anadrol as a standalone compound. And by that logic, I can inform you that you’ve made a very sensible decision by deciding to read this article. Why? Because it’s going to furnish you with detailed information concerning running an oxymetholone only cycle. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that this article is the best and most informative article on Anadrol only cycles on the entire web. The extensive knowledge and experience I have of this compound is up there with the best of them, and, when coupled with the experience of numerous other people I know, I doubt you’ll find a better source for information concerned with taking Anadrol by itself.

An In-depth Look at Anadrol Only Cycles


There are no two ways about it; oral-only cycles are frowned upon by a large majority of those who take steroids or who (purport to) have knowledge about them. This is commonly based on the fact that orals – particulate bulking orals – do nothing but induce water retention and don’t build any actual lean muscle mass. On the face of it, this may seem plausible. ‘Wet’ bulking orals like Anadrol and Dianabol are synonymous with water retention. Anyone who has ever taken either of these compounds will attest to this. However, does this mean that if you take oxymetholone as a standalone compound, all you’ll get is a big bloated midsection and little else?

Of course, not…provided you train and eat correctly when taking it. And there are several reasons why:

– Anadrol is typically taken for between four and six weeks, which is enough time to build lean muscle tissue.
– Anadrol is one of the most powerful – if not the most powerful – strength-inducing anabolic steroids available. Strength increases in the gym + a calorie surplus + high protein consumption = lean muscle gains. Period.

Therefore, it can be stated as a fact that an Anadrol only cycle can build muscle and won’t result in a boatload of water gains and little else. Sure, you will hold water, and you’ll lose around 50-60% of the bodyweight you gained when taking oxymetholone, but you’ll be left with muscle mass gains that are permanent (provided that a thorough PCT is put in place).

To make the most of any anabolic steroid and the hugely anabolic environment they create inside your body, you must have everything in place to maximise your gains. Training, nutrition, rest and hydration are absolutely vital.

My Results

I first dabbled with Anadrol after about two years of taking steroids. I’d always been a little afraid of it given that it has a reputation as a liver killer and a steroid that should be taken with extreme caution (which any steroid should really). However, I decided to take the plunge and see what effects oxymetholone would have if I took it alone without any other orals or injectables alongside it. I opted for cycle length of five weeks, with a dose of 25mg per day for the first week (to assess my tolerance); 50mg for the next two weeks, and 75mg for the final two weeks. To some, this may seem like a low dose. Anadrol is commonly dosed at upwards of 100mg, especially in those with steroid experience under their belts. Well, not me. I wanted to see what effects a relatively low dose of oxymetholone would have in conjunction with a heavy, resistance based training program that was primarily built around compounds lifts and building strength and a diet high in calories and protein.

The results? Quite phenomenal. At the beginning of the cycle, I weighed in 217lbs. At the end of the cycle, my weight, measured just before my final dose, was 244lbs. That’s an increase of 27lbs, which was quite frankly astounding by anyone’s standards. My strength absolutely skyrocketed also, with an increase of well over 20% on all of the major compound lifts. Mental focus and aggression in the gym was off the charts too. All in all, it was a successful all-out-mass cycle. But did I keep my gains after I’d completed my PCT?

After my post cycle therapy had finished, I weighed 227lbs. That’s a whole 10lbs heavier than when I started. Of course, it wasn’t all muscle, but I’d be amazed if 7-8lbs of it wasn’t lean muscle mass.

Side Effects

As I’ve alluded to in other blog posts, I’m quite lucky where steroid side effects are concerned; however, oxymetholone was one steroid that did cause side effects that made me glad I erred on the side of caution and opted for a dose at the lower end of the typical-Anadrol-dosing spectrum. Firstly, when increasing my dose to 75mg per day, my blood pressure went up – not by a huge amount, but enough to take it beyond ‘normal’. Blood tests showed that my cholesterol was negatively affected, but this soon returned to normal three weeks prior to finishing my cycle. I noticed a small amount of hair loss, in addition to a little chest and back acne, but nothing too severe that didn’t clear up once the cycle has ended. One side effect I didn’t experience was vastly increased liver enzymes, which was somewhat of a surprise given Anadrol’s reputation of being a liver killer. Sure, they were elevated, but not by a great deal and went back to within normal range within a week of starting my PCT.

Anadrol Only Cycle Review

Overall, my experience with oxymetholone was positive, although the side effects I experienced would make me twice about using it again at anything above 50mg per day. If you’re considering using Anadrol by itself, please be aware of the potential side effects prior to use and be sure to have blood-work done before, during and after your cycle.

In short, if you’re after all-out mass and strength, oxymetholone is an excellent choice…it just comes with a few unwanted side effects.

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